What is NOT a Taser?

TASER is a brand with what is called the prototypicality effect. This is typical of brands really strong in its core category and we have a few god examples like Jeeps or Kleenex.

However not all 4 wheel drive are Jeep

Nor all paper tissues are Kleenex, in the same way that not all devices with electricity are TASERs.

In fact, stun guns, electric batons, stun flashlights are often mistaken by TASERs and when people refer to the negative effects of TASERS in most cases they mean some of these devices.


Here, we have some examples of videos that you can find on youtube, if you search for TASER and, that are in fact stun guns and devices that are really mistaken by a TASER:


source: (http://www.selfdefenseninja.com/whats-best-stun-gun-top-3-stun-gun-reviews/)