Police share the initial results from the TASER device trial

Netherlands – More than 300 police officers are taking part in a pilot project in which the electroshock weapon is tested, and so far have used it 112 times since February. In 72 cases, the threat of firing was enough and another 21 cases resulted in arrests after the device was actually fired. This was announced today at a press conference held to discuss the first usage figures. A comprehensive analysis follows on the assessment in September.

Since February employ agents in Amersfoort, Zwolle and Rotterdam have been using the electroshock weapon in their daily work on the streets. Since this is a completely new type of weapon, the trial will continue for a year. In total, more than 300 peers have been trained to use the weapon, the Taser X2 CEW. The TASER incapacitates a suspect long enough to give the agent the opportunity to get the situation under control. The weapon does not leave any permanent injuries.


Following the pilot, the police are in search of a weapon in terms of impact that falls between the service pistol and baton and pepper spray. Agencies are facing increasingly dangerous circumstances where for example people are ecstatic and use violence. They need more than a baton to get suspects under control. At the same time, they often find the use of the gun to be too extreme due to the risk of serious injury or death. The current weapon that is now being tested (TASER X2), would be able to bridge this gap.

The new weapon can be used in two ways: by firing two probes on the body of a suspected which hits the muscles and for five seconds immobilizes the subject. Agents can also place the weapon directly on the body and administer an electric shock (stun) to the suspect. The latter was done in the pilot 13 times.


Dog handler Ricardo (41) used the new weapon three times since February. The weapon is necessary during a dangerous situation where violence is used towards him and his dog. “Once I deployed the weapon at a boy with a knife who threatened to commit suicide. Every time my colleagues and I came closer, he threatened us too. When I could, I Tasered him and we were able to bring him under control. I’m glad I had the electroshock weapon. Otherwise I might have had to shoot and cause him permanent injury. When someone has a knife, you send off any service dog. ”

Ricardo is pleased with this addition to his existing equipment. “In any situation of violence I always weigh which weapon to use. The electroshock weapon is very effective. ” It would be nice if it is added to our equipment. ”

Knowing more

The pilot takes at least a year. Based on the results, the police and the Minister of Security and Justice will make a decision regarding its use.
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